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No such Thing as an Ugly Cat

Cats are some of the most adorable creatures, there are no such thing as an ugly cat. Keeping up with cat Saturday we have some of the most cut cats picture from around the internet. Well even us have to admit some cats stand out more than others.

LOL Why couldn’t let these slipped pass us without sharing them with all of you this weekend.

Adorable Cute Cat With Heart on his face

cute cats

© saintleelyon / Reddit

Ebony and Ivory

Cat in a Sink

Bengal kitten


Clear ocean eyes

© pixelcowboy / Reddit  

Checkers or Harlequin

© bsInCells / Reddit  

Cotton Top

Nap Time

cute baby kitten

Look at those cut cat paws

“PsBattle: Tortoiseshell cat” too cute

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