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Celebrity Halloween Costume

Halloween Is over and the craziness has finally ended, but if you haven’t seen all the celebrity Halloween Costume then, we have you covered.

All Celebrity have there own style this year and the costume turn out was really cool and awesome to see.

If you’re looking for something funny these Halloween costume will give you that humor your looking for.

1# Cardi B Halloween Costume 2020 – Medusa

Cardi B went all out in her Medusa costume and she really looks amazing from head to toe.

Cardi B Halloween Costume 2020 - Medusa

this is one of the most unique Halloween costume i have seen this Halloween season.

more Halloween Cats In Customs (20 Photo)

2# Kylie Jenner Halloween costumes 2020

If it’s one thing I can say about the Kardashian’s and Jenner sisters is that they really know how to pull a crowd and make a statement.

but you can see that she put a lot of thought into her Halloween costume thing year. but overall I’m digging the pink ranger.

Kylie Jenner as a king cobra – Celebrities don’t do the one costume like me and you have to change multiple times.

3# Kendall Jenner Halloween Costume

Kendall Isn’t shy but the cute shy girl look really does it for her, and the all black outfit leaves you just wanting more.

4# Jennifer Lopez Celebrity Halloween Costume

JLO has always been a google actress so it’s no surprise to see her playing and dressing up like Madonna like a virgin. but if anyone can pull it off it’s Jennifer Lopez, happy Halloween.

5# Bella Hadid Celebrity Halloween Costume Poison Ivy

Everyone has their fantasy even celebrities but you can tell that Bella Hadid really wanted to work this costume, either way, you looking, good girl.

6# The Weekend as “The Nutty Professor” Halloween Costume

7# Kim Kardashian Celebrity Halloween Costume

Kim Kardashian Celebrity Halloween Costume

8# Margot Robbie Celebrity Spice Girl Halloween Costume 2020

9# Lil Nas X as Nicki Minaj Halloween 2020

10# john legend and Chrissy Teigen Halloween costume 2020

11# Christine Quinn Halloween Costume – Christina Aguilera

12# Ciara Celebrity Halloween Costume

Ciara as Nicki Minaj

13# Hailey Baldwin Halloween 2020 costume

14# Kris Jenner as Jack Skellingto Halloween Costume

15# Halsey as Emily from “Corpse Bride” Halloween Costume

16# Rosalía Halloween Costume

17# Céline Dion as Nanny McPhee

18# Drew Barrymore as Glinda the Good Witch

19# Carrie Ann Inaba as Pennywise from “It”

20# Kelly Ripa as Moira Rose from “Schitt’s Creek”

21# Bella Thorne as sexy Little Red Riding Hood

22# Skai Jackson as Foxy Brown

23# Bella and Dani Thorne as “fairy sisters”

24# Demi Lovato as a vampire

25# Vanessa Hudgens as a elf

26# Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch as “haunt couture”

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