10 Dogs Whose Emotions Are So Overwhelming, You Can Almost Feel Them

If you are a dog lover you will probably agree with all these. Dogs are really man best friend, they are one of the most sincere creatures. Dogs shows lots of emotions on their face and they always show how much they care.

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Here are some photos that show dogs emotions that we love.

1 .  “My dog’s first reaction to the carpeted rooms in our brand new house. I think she’s excited…”

© Sharkeydna / Reddit  

2. “I think she might grow up to be a model”


3 . “Trying to take a 5 month picture and the dog jumped in…”

© canuchangeusernames / Reddit  

4. Astronaut Leland Melvin’s official NASA portrait

source dhruveishp/reddit

5 . “But mom, I wanna help art too💜”

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