The Top 10 of the Deadliest Fish Species in the World

8. The Lionfish:


Also known as the pterois, the lionfish is a venomous fish found in the  Indo-Pacific habitat. There are other names used for the reference to this type of fish. It has a distinct coloration on its body. The most prominent colors include white, red, black, and creamy stripes.

The lionfish has spiky fin rays that contain a poison (venom). In the case of a predator attack, it releases the poison and many of the predators end up dying in the attack. It is also dangerous to humans.

7.The Electric Eel:

electric eel

Despite its name, the electric eel is not in any way related to the eels we know of. It is a type of knife fish that closely resembles the catfish. It has a cylindrical and dark body and grows up to 2 meters long. The electric eel produces electricity for self-defense. It also uses it to attack. The 600 volts is not little, you need to be careful to avoid it.

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