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Most Embarrassing and Awkward Cheerleader Fails

If you haven’t seen a cheerleader fails, then you’re in for a treat because I just made a compilation of some funny cheerleader fails that will leave you laughing.

We love them but we can’t help but laugh at the embarrassing moments, and the funny fail they do. Don’t forget to check me out on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Cheerleader Fails

Cheerleaders are famous for their backflips, but this cheerleader failed before she even starts, I guess it’s time to retrain and start over.

Cheerleader Fails gif

Funny Cheerleader Fails

That most have hurt but I cant help myself, its just so funny watching her fail.

Funny Cheerleader Fails

Wasted Funny Cheerleader fails

Who knew cheerleading was so painful but it’s better to learn the hard way than not learn at all.

Wasted Funny Cheerleader fails

She Might Never Cheer again fail gif

let’s not make this a thing, we already have enough crazy things in the world funny fails. If you need more funny gifs in your life, I have you covered.

She Might Never Cheer again fail gif

Pop Goes the weasel Cheerleader fails funny gif

It’s not every day you see a stunt like this fail but when you do it’s funny AF. Luckily there was a smart cameraman there to capture it all.

Pop Goes the weasel Cheerleader fails funny gif

You’re out of here, funny Cheerleader fails

They really didn’t want her around, but my question is why didn’t they just ask her to leave.

Your out of here funny Cheerleader fails

Funny Cheerleader

Not sure if the cheerleader failed here or it’s the guy but damn that scared the F out of her.

Cheerleader Fail gif

Cheerleader Fails Gif

When your feet fly too high and you fall to the ground, lol I wish there was sound.

Cheerleader Fails

Cheerleader Backflip Fails

I think this one thought she was going to land in water but this is funnier

Cheerleader Backflip Fails

Guess who is the test dummy Cheerleader fail

who is the crash dummy now?

Lucky thing its practice because you wouldn’t want that on the field

Cheerleader kick fails

Up Up and away Cheerleader fails

The more I watch this the funnier it gets lol do it again

These or some of the funniest fails with cheerleaders and something you keep you smiling.

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