Christmas Fails to Wheel in the Holiday Joy

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Christmas is the time for joy, and what better way to have a jolly good time, than with some really funny fails. You know how we do it here at Lolwhy, we love to share in the joy of laughter, and these are some of the best Christmas fails that you will ever see.

Funny Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

If you’re looking for a funny idea for an elf on the shelf, then your most welcome to try out this idea. I can bet you that your friends and loved ones will be laughing really hard, at this one.

funny ideas for elf on the shelf

Funny Christmas Decorations Ideas

Another way to come up with awesome ways to decorate your home is to decorate everything around the house, inside and out. Just look at this palm tree and you will be, bursting with excitement.

funny christmas decorations ideas

Thinking of ways to decorate and places to put decorations, takes a little creativity. In this case, We got too Creative but if it works, it works.

funny Christmas lawn decorations

Funny Christmas Fails

This is one of those fails that fail over time, but it looks funny, and it will help to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

Funny Christmas Fails

I can’t tell who’s happier, him, or Santa but they or bout smiling, so let’s spread the joy. Hopefully, Santa doesn’t get any funny with his Ideas and make him an Elf on the Shelf.

Santa littles helper funny fail Christmas joy

Kids are the joy of Christmas but they can be a little over dramatic at times.

funny fails Christmas kids

Best Christmas Fails

I don’t know a lot about Christmas Angels, I mostly go for the stars, but I really don’t think her face should look like that.

best christmas fails

Funny Christmas photos

I am not sure what’s happening with this guy’s makeup or his hair, but Santa needs a make-over. Still, it’s great seeing these funny Christmas photos.

funny Christmas photos

I hope this doesn’t happen to Santa every Christmas, because we cant have him passed out under people Christmas tree.

fail santa drunk under christmas tree funny

Nothing is worst than failing to put Christmas ornaments on your tree, but I wouldn’t use these Christmas ornaments.

christmas ornaments fails

Not everyone likes the felling of snow but these snowman fails to see the point of not having all that wintery goodness.

Christmas fail snowman

Funniest Christmas Fails

You can tell when someone was on the naughty list, this is their home a year later, and they still mad at Santa because they didn’t get what they wanted.

funniest Christmas fails

Some of the funniest Christmas fails, is the innocent ones. Just look how cute and innocent Jack is.

Jack Frost Christmas funny

Finding the right words to express your joy for Christmas might fail to reach everyone, but these Christmas bells won’t. Just imagine the joy you can have with the sound these bells make.

Christmas bell fail funny poster

Funny Christmas photos ideas

Ms. Claus has done a lot of crazy things this year, but I didn’t think she would be lighting the way home to the north pole with her undergarment. At least this way, Santa can’t get lost.

funny Christmas photos ideas

Everyone won’t be amazed by the songs Christmas angel sings but these angels will amaze everyone.

Christmas angels singing fails

Only Christmas can make you jump for joy and this Santa is taking a head on approach.

the joy of Christmas funny fails

Funny Christmas photos Family Fails

Sometimes you come up with the best idea but make the worst signs, hopefully Santa see the sign and stop.

funny christmas photos family

Christmas is nothing without a cool Christmas tree, but this one is the best I have ever seen.

Christmas tree ideas for Christmas fail

You Know Christmas is over when the tree starts falling but this time the tree fell a little too early.

Funny Christmas photos Family Fails

Christmas Fails Reindeer photo

It’s not a good sign when you cant tell if its a reindeer are a cow but its Christmas lets not make a big deal.

Christmas Fails Reindeer photo

Some Christmas gifts make some people happier than some, so, I hope this makes someone really happy. I know I’m smiling right now.

Funny Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

If your looking to have a laugh then these funny Christmas fail photos will give you a reason to smile today.


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