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Bull Attack Woman in New Jersey


A woman in New Jersey suffered multiple injuries on Friday after being attacked by her own bull.

According to the Sparta Township Police, dispatchers were made aware of an aggressive animal that was roaming the roadway at around 3 p.m. Reports said it was a cow that was approaching vehicles in the area, but once Officer Arlene Lippencott was already on her way to the scene, a woman named Wendy McDermott called to inform deputies that the animal was actually a bull and that she was the owner.

Yahoo Lifestyle was unable to reach McDermott, but police say she planned to bring the bull back into its enclosure with food, despite the fact that the animal had been acting combative. Lippencott even saw the bull begin to mount its owner’s SUV.

But the attack didn’t end there. Once McDermott exited the car — attempting to coax the animal through an open gate to her farm — the animal began to physically throw her around.

Sparta police report that McDermott began screaming that the animal was going to kill her and needed to be shot. Lippencott then distracted the bull while McDermott got into the patrol car. Other units and Sparta EMS arrived at the scene, and the bull was put down by two officers, after it attempted to charge a patrol vehicle.

McDermott was treated by EMS before being transported to Newton Memorial Hospital where she received stitches to her head. Other injuries included lacerations and bruising to her upper body.

The bull’s owner said that the animal had recently attacked her husband, although it wasn’t as serious.


Source: Yahoo

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