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20 Worst Make-Up Disasters That Can’t Be Unseen

With makeup So widely Use, You would think that everyone would figure out on to use it properly by now but these makeup tell a different story.

Lolwhy funny makeup fails

Worst Make-Up Disasters

well Beauty is in the eye of the beholder are something like that but its still funny though

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Worst Make-Up Disasters

This dude really think his makeup game is good lol

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Worst Make-Up Disasters

i guess she applying for a job as a clown, the sad part about this is she might get the job.

Worst Make-Up Disasters

this is what it looks like when you put powder and eyebrow pencil on you face

funny fails, humor, lol, wtf

Not Sure what look she was going for but she failed 😁

funny fails, humor, lol, wtf

Guy Throws Brick At Car Window, It Bounces Back And Hits Him In Face

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